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These are not all mistakes but some are just mishaps that occured during editing the movie,etc. Mistakes are listed in no particular order, and I try to avoid listing those which concern time travel.

• AP3 - When Austin and Dr. Evil are climbing up the ladder, Austin falls and rips Dr. Evil's pants Once they reach the top, the pants aren't torn anymore.

• AP2 - After Felicity shoots Mustafa's tire and he loses control, you can tell that the tire has been inflated again before he drives off the cliff.

• AP1 - While Austin is resisting the Fembots, he starts thinking about baseball and Margaret Thatcher. Why is he thinking about baseball? It's quite unlikely for someone from England to be thinking about baseball.

• AP1 - Why is Number Two still alive? He should be dead, considering the fact that he was left in the fiery pit when Dr. Evil's Secret Lair self-destructed.

•: AP1 - After the Quartermaster places Austin's personal effects in the box, Austin's italian boots are on top. However, once Vanessa picks up the box and turns it around, the boots have disappeared.

• AP2 - At the end of The Spy Who Shagged Me, Felicity knocks Fat Bastard out with a shot in the pills. Afterwards, dancers come rushing into the room however Fat Bastard is no where to be found.

• AP2 - When Dr. Evil jumps into the "Time Machine", he spreads out his arms like a bird. However, when he arrives back in 1969, his left arm is by his side.

• AP2 - After Dr. Evil names "Mini-Me" for the first time, Scott and Mini-Me get in a fight. Mini-Me then jumps on the table, and attempts to press Scott's button on Dr. Evil's panel. If one looks closely (VHS version only), you can see that at the bottom of the list (under Number Two), you see Mini-Me's name. How could he already have a button if Dr. Evil just named him?

• AP2 - In the introduction of Mini-Me, the shadow shows him with his pinky at his mouth. However, after the door slides out of the way, we see Mini-Me with his hands down.

• AP2 - During "Just The Two Of Us", "...but Scott rejected me, Say La Vi, life is cruel...", Scott walks in front of Dr. Evil. Before the end of the shot, Scott is seen to Dr. Evil's left, but when it cuts to another shot with Mini-Me, Scott appears to Dr. Evil's right.

• AP1 - While Austin is collecting his "personal effects", we only see the Quartermaster hand Austin one "crushed blue velvet suit". However, throughout the movie we see him wearing another red suit, in addition to many other outfits.

• AP2 - In The Spy Who Shagged Me, we meet up with Austin where we last left him, at the Honeymoon Suite with Vanessa. However, we left Austin in 1997, not 1999.

• AP2 - On Scott's 'good bye' card from Mini-Me, there are two colors of ink, red and black. However, Mini-Me only had one pen.

• AP2 - While Mini-Me and Austin are fighting on Dr. Evil's Moon Base, Mini-Me rips a portion of Austin's suit (the area that covers up his underwear.) After Mini-Me is ejected into space, Austin is shown in a new space suit that has no rips.

• AP2 - Soon after Mini-Me is ejected into space, you can hear him screaming. However, in space you cannot hear anything at all, due to the fact that their is no media (i.e. air) in which sound can travel. Also, as soon as Mini-Me was ejected from Dr. Evil's Moon Base, he should have exploded, due the dramatic change in pressure.

• AP2 - While Scott is making fun of Dr. Evil's "Alan Parsons Project", they get into another 'shhh' battle. Right before the final 'shhh' from Dr. Evil, the laser that was pointed at Washington, D.C., is now pointed towards the ceiling. This mysterious laser movement occurs several times during Dr. Evil's explanation of his plan.

• AP2 - During the opening sequence in AP2, after Austin jumps in the pool for the synchronized swimming routine, one of the synchronized swimmer's cap falls over her face. (Thanks to Heather Marshall from New Foundland, Canada)

• AP1 - When Austin and Vanessa are in an easily escapable situation they use toothpaste to blind the henchman. When Austin judo chops the toothpaste everything gets on the henchman's face and shirt yet when Austin is about to dunk the henchman's head in a pool with mutated sea bass he doesn't have toothpaste on his shirt or face anymore.

• AP1 - In the casino restroom scene Tom Arnold looks under the stall divider and sees Austin's pants around his ankles. Later in the scene when Austin is dunking Patty O'Brien's head into the toilet, Austin's legs are on opposite sides of the toilet. His pants couldn't possibly stretch that far.

• AP1 - In the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club the waitress' yellow hat falls off when Austin punches her but it reappears on the head of the male actor that takes her place.

• AP1 - When the fembots are first introduced in Dr. Evil's lair they are wearing transparent plastic coats. A close-up shot of one of the fembots (Cindy Margolis?) is shown without the coat right before they are all shown taking off the coats.

• AP1 - When Austin and Vanessa enter the hotel room designated as the "makeshift British headquarters" Vanessa presents Austin with some dental supplies. Pay attention to the floss as it changes from black to white.

• AP1 - In Dr. Evil's lair when Austin is almost seduced by the fembots he rips off his pants and throws them over by the door as he starts dancing. The pile of pants in the background keeps changing. This is due to multiple takes of the scene that were combined.

• AP1 - When Austin and Vanessa are on top of the bus, Austin pours them some champagne. You can see that he fills the glasses a little too much and when they "clink" their glasses together some of the champagne mysteriously vanishes.

• AP1 - In England, it is spelled "Ministry of Defence", not "Ministry of Defense."

• AP1 - During Austin's confrontation with the fembots, he lights them and himself a cigarette. The cigarettes fly into their mouths, but then the Fembots are gone, and there are no signs of the cigarettes.

• AP1 - When Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley are on top of the bus, for one moment Mike Myers' teeth are clean.

• AP1 - After Austin is unfrozen and right before meeting Vanessa, two MOD women assistants take clips off his ears, but they reappear for the better part of the scene.

• AP1 - After Austin and Vanessa's night on the town, she falls asleep on Austin, holding a champagne glass, the laptop computer starts beeping, and when Austin pushes her off of him, the glass disappears.

• AP1 - In the scene where they are going through Las Vegas and looking around at the sites, there are a couple times when Austin stops walking and Vanessa does not.

• AP1 - When Austin climbs through Alotta Fagina's window he leaves it standing open, but after entering the room the window is closed.

• AP1 - Austin and Vanessa are in the hotel room and Austin goes behind the couch and starts the, "I think I'll take the stairs. I'll take my canoe" routine. He says, "I know, I'll take the elevator." The English say lift, not elevator.

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