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Austin Powers
International Man of Mystery. His former partner, Mrs. Kensington, may have said it best: Austin is "the ultimate gentleman spy, irresistible to women, deadly to his enemies, and legend in his own time." His teeth aren't so good, however.

Mike Myers Profile
Dr. Evil
Head of the worldwide Evil organization that has aspirations for world domination. Archnemesis of Austin Powers. Completely bald, he sports a face-length scar on his right cheek. Sartorially, he favors a 1960s tyrannical despot look and can often be found in a Nehru jacket.

Mike Myers Profile
Vanessa Kensington
Top British agent and daughter of Mrs. Kensington. While on their honeymoon, Austin finds something very peculiar about Vanessa. After she realizes that her cover had been blown, the tips of her lethal machine-gun jubblies protrude from her breasts. Soon after, Vanessa self-destructs leaving Austin single again.

Elizabeth Hurley Profile
Felicity Shagwell
American CIA agent. "Shagwell by name," she says as she introduces herselft to Austin, "Shag-very-well by reputation."

Heather Graham Profile
Fat Bastard
Dr. Evil's spy within the Ministry of Defense. A scotsman, Fat Bastard also seems to be loosely connected to a Scottish independence movement. He steals Austin's mojo for Dr. Evil. He is also monstrously obese. He acquired the nickname Fat Bastard because he is "the incorrect weight for my height, and I was born out of wedlock."

Mike Myers Profile
Dr. Evil's clone, who is one-eigth his size. He shares all of Evil's mannerisms, including a predilection for biting his pinky in sheer diabolical delight. He sits to Dr. Evil's right in meetings.

Verne Troyer Profile
Young Number Two
Once Dr. Evil is transported back to 1969, Young Number 2 follows the same role as old Number 2 of 1999.

Rob Lowe Profile
Number Two
Dr. Evil's second-in-command. Wears an eye patch over his right eye, though the vision in that eye does not seem to be impaired. Number 2 runs Virtucon in Dr. Evil's absence, helping it grow into a multibillion-dollar company.

Robert Wagner Profile
Robin Swallows
German spy working for Dr. Evil. Her maiden name is Spitz. Upon meeting her, Austin asks her, "Well, which is it, baby, Spitz or Swallows?"

Gia Carides Profile
Frau Farbissina
One of Dr. Evil's henchwomen. She leads the militant wing of the Salvation Army. A matronly figure, she uses a small whip to prevent Dr. Evil from pressing a button on his control panel that would liquidate his son, Scott.

Mindy Sterling Profile
Scott Evil
Son of Dr. Evil. At first, Dr. Evil and Scott are both led to believe that while Dr. Evil was cryogenically frozen, his frozen sperm was tapped to prouduce an heir, and thus was Scott born. However, it wasn't until later on an episode of Jerry Springer does Scott find out that his mother is really Frau Farbissina.

Seth Green Profile
Ivana Humpalot
Russian spy hired by Dr. Evil in order to kill Austin Powers. However, she is unable to kill him because he is "sexy."

Kristen Johnston Profile
The fez-wearing adviser to Dr. Evil who plays a key role in Evil's empire.

Will Ferrell Profile
Allota Fagina
Number 2's "Italian confidential secretary." Austin breaks into the apartment of this melon breasted femme fatale in an attempt to secure more information about Project Vulcan. He ends up having a romantic encounter with Fagina ("I shagged her rotten!" he brags to Vanessa).

Fabiana Udenio Profile
Basil Exposition
Austin's immediate superior in British Intelligence.

Michael York Profile
Mr. Bigglesworth
Dr. Evil's pussy, who loses all his hair in the unfreezing process. Like Dr. Evil, Mr. Bigglesworth has a clone that is identical to him in every way except for the fact that the clone is only one-eighth his size.

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