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Word has it that another draft of the Austin Powers 3 script has been delivered to New Line Cinema and has been given the green light. One of Ain't It Cool News' many sources also reports that Tom Cruise has been approached by Mike Myers for a part in the upcoming flick. Apparently, Cruise will appear as an Ethan Hunt-type character, in which he will help Austin in the first portion of the film.

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Michael York Joins AP3 Cast
Michael York has officially signed on for Austin Powers 3 in his recurring role as Austin Powers' superior, Basil Exposition. Also, Mindy Sterling will be returning as Frau Farbissina, and Heather Graham will appear for a cameo.

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Jay Roach Up In The Air
Next up for Director Jay Roach will be to develop and direct a recent novel titled, Up in the Air, written by Walter Kim. Up in the Air, is a story of a traveling motivational speaker who is close to reaching his millionth frequent-flyer mile. Roach also has his hands full with other projects, other than Austin Powers 3, he's also directing the Meet The Parents sequel, Meet The Fockers, and Fifty First Kisses.

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Lipton and Myers nominated for EMMY
That's right, Myer's Inside the Actors Studio has been nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Non-Fiction Series.

Complete 2001 Emmy Nomination List
Bravo! TV

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Shrek stars' upping the ante for sequel
Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz are looking at about $35,000/hour for voicing the much anticipated Shrek-sequel. While each have earned $3 million of the film's box office gross, it looks as though they will be easily making $5 million each for the sequel.

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Shrek No. 20 on all time list
After taking in an estimated $6.01 million over the weekend, Shrek has reached a gross of $240.6 million at the box office.

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