Sorry about the mixup, but the world network premiere of International Man of Mystery will be on Sunday, June 4, not June 6.

I'm BACK...
Sorry about the lack of updates lately but it's all because I just back from the Lake of the Ozarks for Senior Trip. Spent the whole weekend boating, jet-skiing, and a total of 12 hours on a school bus (yeah, tell me about, my ass is still sore). Well, this week won't be much different because of finals. Today and tommorrow will consist of finals all day and I'll be graduating on Saturday. After that there probably won't be a whole lot of updates. However, I'll do my best to keep the site up for the whole 10 visitors I get a day. Well, I won't say that this is the last hoorah but future updates will be fairly infrequent.

It's about time!
Well, the wait is finally over. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery will have it's world network premiere on TBS, June 6. So mark your calendars, and have a bowl of popcorn ready for this very special event. Times will be announced as soon as I can find them.

The Shag Boutique has the Limited Edition AP2 Soundtrack on sale for only $23.99. It was selling in the stores for around $28-30 the last time I checked so you better go pick one up while they are still available.

Site Update
Soundtrack page open and I also completed the Mp3 section by including a search engine for Mp3's called To optimize's full potential, I suggest finding an FTP program such as LeapFTP or CuteFTP.

LeapFTP homepage
CuteFTP homepage

Site Update
Chat room is finally up!! Click here or on "chat room" any where else on Austin's Pad to start chating!!

Also, I got a new counter.

On Thursday, Comedy Central will host the Saturday Night Live episode with Mike Myers hosting and musical guest, Aerosmith. Will start at 5 p.m. ET/6 CT on Comedy Central.

Site Update
Size of movie scripts have been reduced, and improved.

Site Update
Size of files on site have been reduced (mainly by removing redundant style tags), Characters page is finally up, and I finally got my hand on scripts for both movies.

Well, it seems that Madonna is in the tabloids again, this time with the father of her unborn child.

Click here for more info

Here's a little side-note, Time Inc. has announced it's decision that LIFE's last monthly issue of will be May 2000. However, "America's first and most famous picture magazine" will continue to periodically publish special commemorative issues.

Time Inc.'s official announcement

Be sure to watch a special celebrity version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? tonight as Dana Carvey tries to take home a million dollars for his favorite charity. Show will be aired @ 8 pm ET/7 CT.

More Info about Celebrity Millionaire

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Created a new poll.