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Site Update

To my own dismay, I was unable to locate direct links to the teasers that were released last week. However, you can go to (see link below) website and view it there. Make sure you already have Quicktime v5.0.2 installed on your system before attempting to view the teaser. If you don't have v5.0.2, you will need to uninstall all previous versions Quicktime, and install the latest version of Quicktime (see link below). I will continue to look for a direct download site in the near future. Also, television section updated.

Click here to download Apple Quicktime
Click here to view AP3 Teaser

12.20.01 Updated For Goldmember has been updated recently to preview AP3. Site showcases a flashy Shockwave presentation followed by links to upcoming trailers and screensavers. I will have trailers and screensavers available soon for a direct download from Austin's Pad. Trailers don't preview much new material (nor does the Shockwave presentation) however it does feature a new character...MINI-AUSTIN! Video quality was very poor so I was unable to make at the actor but it appears to be Verne Troyer though I can't be sure.

Official Austin Powers Website

First Look At Goldmember Poster

(Empire Movies) -- A preview of the new teaser poster for Austin Powers in Goldmember has been made available for viewing by Empire Movies. It doesn't appear as though any were for sale, but I assume some will be available in the upcoming months.

Click here to view the poster

More From The Rumour Mill

(Dark Horizons) -- Dark Horizons reports that Mike Myers is rumoured to in the chase for Nicole Kidman for a role in Goldmember. No other news has been released since Beyoncè Knowles was announced for the lead female role.

Dark Horizons

Goldmember Edition Single Seater?

(Corbin Motors) -- Corbin Motors, makers of the one seater automobile known as the Sparrow, will be releasing a special gold version of their Sparrow in honor of the Goldmember film.

Click here for more

Knowles Records Track For Goldmember

( -- Beyoncè Knowles has recently recorded, Hey, Goldmember, a song written by Mike Myers for Austin Powers 3. According to MTV, the song samples (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty, originally by KC and The Sunshine Band. "It's not a serious song - it's really funny and crazy," says Knowles. Also, Knowles comments that her name "Foxy Cleopatra" is derived from the names of title characters in two 70's films: "Foxy Brown" and "Cleopatra Jone". Knowles reveals that her character, Foxy Cleopatra, is "picking up where the other ladies and Austin Powers left off."

Click here for more

More Cameos For Goldmember

(Variety) -- In addition to Britney Spears and Quincy Jones, cameo appearances from Kevin Spacey (American Beauty, The Usual Suspects), Gwyneth Paltrow (The Talented Mr. Ripley, Shallow Hal), and Danny DeVito (Twins, Batman Returns) are being filmed this week according to Variety.

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Young Dr. Evil Found

(IGN FilmForce) -- Josh Zuckerman has been cast to star in AP3 as the Young Dr. Evil. I honestly have never heard of him but if your'e interested, click on the link below to find out more. Filming started on November 26 in Los Angeles. Parts for the young versions of Austin Powers and Basil Exposition have not yet been confirmed.

Click here for more

New Austin Powers Store

It looks like New Line has re-designed their New Line Studio Store. They have added many new items, and a much more user-friendly way to buy Austin Goodie-Goods.

New Line Studio Store

Austin's Father Confirmed

(Dark Horizons) -- Robert Wagner (Number 2, AP1 & AP2) has confirmed on the BBC that Michaeal Caine (Capt. Hendricks, AP3) will be playing Austin's father in Goldmember.

Dark Horizons

Britney Spears To Cameo In AP3
( -- Also, Britney Spears and Quincy Jones will be making cameo appearances in AP3.

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New Poll

Set up a new poll today for some suggestions concerning the site. You can find old polls in the poll archives section.

Seth Green returns to AP3

(Ananova) -- Ananova reports that Seth Green (Scott Evil, AP1 & AP2) will be returning for Austin Powers: Goldmember set to hit theaters late-July. Still no official word from Rob Lowe, or Robert Wagner, but each are expected to reprise their roles in Goldmember.

Click here for more

Beyoncé's Name: Foxy Cleopatra

Looks like Beyoncé's name for Goldmember will be Foxy Cleopatra. Also, new link added to the Links page.

Need a job?

(Ain't It Cool News) -- Ever been told that you look or sound like Austin Powers or Dr. Evil? Well, this may be your chance. If you happen to be a 16-22 year old male and live in Southern California, you might have a chance. AP3 producers are looking for younger counterparts for the following characters: Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Number Two, and Basil Exposition.

Click here for more

Beyoncè Knowles New Powers Girl

(The Hollywood Reporter) -- Beyoncè Knowles, lead singer of pop/R&B group Destiny's Child, is in advanced negotiations with Myers for the upcoming Austin Powers film. It looks as though Knowles will replace Heather Graham as Austin Powers' love interest.

Click here for more

Site Update

TV section updated.

Brosnan Denies Cameo Role In Goldmember

(ShowBiz Ireland) -- Pierce Brosnan's publicist, Dick Guttman, has denied ealier reports of Pierce Brosnan appearing in AP3. Guttman also stated that Brosnan would not have any time to work on Goldmember, due to the fact that after Brosnan is finished with Evelyn, he will be working on Bond 20, the next film in the James Bond series.

Click here for more

Pierce Brosnan To Cameo In Goldmember

( -- Looks as though Pierce Brosnan will appear in a cameo role for Goldmember. 007 Execs say that Brosnan will obviously be playing a role as James Bond, however, the name "James Bond" or "007" will not be mentioned.

Click here for more

Michael Caine To Join AP3 Cast

(The Hollywood Reporter) -- Latest reports indicate that Michael Caine is in final talks with Myers for a role in Austin Powers: Goldmember. Although specifics aren't being released, Caine will be playing Captain Hendricks, a security specialist in the Royal Navy.

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New Mini-Me?

(Dark Horizons) -- More news from Garth Franklin indicates that Verne Troyer won't be playing Mini-Me any longer. Though I find this hard to beleive due to Verne's great job in AP2, I will keep you all informed in the days to come.

Dark Horizons

Joseph Mazzelo Auditions

(Dark Horizons) -- Rumor has it that Joseph Mazzello (Radio Flyer, Jurassic Park, and The River Wild) has been auditioning for the young Austin Powers/Dr. Evil role.

Dark Horizons

AP3 Looking For Teenagers

( -- Producers of Austin Powers: Goldmember are looking for kids between the ages of 6 and 17 to play young Austin/Dr. Evil, and young Basil Exposition. It seems as though the rumors of the next movie being based on Austin and Dr. Evil's school days were true.

Click here for more

Team Todd Joins DreamWorks SKG

( -- Team Todd Productions will be joining forces with DreamWorks on October 1 after a 4-year contract with New Line Cinema. In addition to the third installment of the Austin Powers series, Goldmember, Team Todd is currently working on six other films.

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Site Update
Well, if you happened to try and look at any other page than this one in the last few days you probably didn't see much. Apparently, the folks at Tripod decided to change their parsing server to make my life a living hell. Oh well, it could always be worse.

Site Update

Two new mistakes have been added to the mistakes page. Also, the tv section.

Graham Fears For Her Life

( -- Heather Graham (Felicity Shagwell) is still left in the dark about her current role in the next Austin Powers installment Austin Powers: Goldmember. Although she knows her fate has already been sealed, she doesn't know how exactly Mike Myers plans to do it. Much like Vanessa in the The Spy Who Shagged Me, it is expected that her character will be killed off in Goldmember. All she knows is that she doesn't want to be blown up.

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Filming Starts!

According to, filming of AP3 started Septemper 5.

Goldmember on the way

( -- It's finally been made official, the next Austin Powers film, titled Austin Powers: Goldmember, has officially been given the go ahead. Of course, no specifics about the plot have been released except that a new villian, named Goldmember, has been created. Also, New Line and Director Jay Roach deny earlier reports of Tom Cruise being considered for a possible cameo in the upcoming film.

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New Poll Created

A new poll has been created. To participate in the new poll, look directly to the right of this paragraph, and pick one of the choices. To view the old poll results, go the the Poll Archives page.

Site Update

HTML code has been tweeked even more.
Please pardon all of these HTML updates, I am merely trying to make this site as compatible with all browsers as possible. If at any time you experience a problem - no matter how big or small (even a spelling error!) - please e-mail me ASAP.
Thanks -- Jameson

More AP3 News

(Ain't It Cool News) -- Word has it that another draft of the Austin Powers 3 script has been delivered to New Line Cinema and has been given the green light. One of Ain't It Cool News' many sources also reports that Tom Cruise has been approached by Mike Myers for a part in the upcoming flick. Apparently, Cruise will appear as an Ethan Hunt-type character, in which he will help Austin in the first portion of the film.

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Site Update
AP3 page is updated and more HTML code has been changed.

Michael York Joins AP3 Cast

( -- Michael York has officially signed on for Austin Powers 3 in his recurring role as Austin Powers' superior, Basil Exposition. Also, Mindy Sterling will be returning as Frau Farbissina, and Heather Graham will appear for a cameo.

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Site Update

Changed update and side menu graphics.

Jay Roach Up In The Air

( -- Next up for Director Jay Roach will be to develop and direct a recent novel titled, Up in the Air, written by Walter Kim. Up in the Air, is a story of a traveling motivational speaker who is close to reaching his millionth frequent-flyer mile. Roach also has his hands full with other projects, other than Austin Powers 3, he's also directing the Meet The Parents sequel, Meet The Fockers, and Fifty First Kisses.

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Site Update
Those pesky ads that I placed up above have been removed.

Site Update

All polls have been archived in the Poll Archives section. All future polls will be archived there as well.

Lipton and Myers nominated for EMMY

That's right, Myer's Inside the Actors Studio has been nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Non-Fiction Series.

Complete 2001 Emmy Nomination List
Bravo! TV

Site Update
Menu to the left has been alphabetized, mirror site link under 'other' section on menu has been added, html code spiffed up a bit, and new character pics on the Characters page.

Site Update

Added 12 new Alotta Fagina framegrabs today. They are in the Photos section.

Shrek stars' upping the ante for sequel

Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz are looking at about $35,000/hour for voicing the much anticipated Shrek-sequel. While each have earned $3 million of the film's box office gross, it looks as though they will be easily making $5 million each for the sequel.

Click here for more

Shrek No. 20 on all time list

After taking in an estimated $6.01 million over the weekend, Shrek has reached a gross of $240.6 million at the box office.

Site Update

Starting to update daily files on the handy-dandy right side menu(daily word and daily sound). Maybe I'll be able to keep it up this time.

Site Update

New poll. To view results of last poll, click here.

Site Update

Framegrabs of Fat Bastard have been posted in the Photos section. I will continue to post pics of each character in the days to come.

Also, the TV section has been updated.

DVDs At Last

Recieved my new DVDs yesterday but didn't get them working til' 10:00, so as you might have guessed, I have no framegrabs. However, in the days to come, I will definitely have at least a handfull of framegrabs available for download.

More Shrek News

Shrek recently passed the $200 million mark on Tuesday and is on track to pass up Disney's Aladdin ($217 million). The only other two animated movies ahead of Shrek in the all-time grossing column, are Disney's The Lion King, and Toy Story.

Side Note

Sad news in Hollywood today, Carroll O'Connor (aka Archie Bunker) passed away yesterday at a hospital located in Culver City, California. After going to his doctor's office complaining of chest pains, O' Connor was sent to Brotman Memorial Hospital where he suffered a heart attack. However, doctors where unable to revive him. O'Connor was 76.

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More SPEED!!

Just installed a new motherboard, processor (PIII 750 MHz), video card(32-bit, 32MB Memory), sound card, AND a DVD drive (12X). Computer is now extremely fast, making everyday functions a breeze. Already in their way are both Austin Powers' DVDs, which once I receive, I will post some framegrabs from both. For now, only updates are in the TV section.

Site Update

More games in the Games section.

Shrek Invades Theaters Nationwide

This weekend, Shrek will be shown at a record-setting 6,715 theaters nationwide. To put it in perspective, Mission: Impossible 2 was shown at 6,669 theaters. Due to Shrek's popularity, Dreamworks has already hired Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio to co-write a sequel. Hopefully, the all-star cast will return but only time will tell.

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Academy apologizes for Myers' intro

Some late news from the Academy Awards, it appears as though Myers' is being criticized for some remarks made during his presentation of sound and sound editing category awards.

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Site Update
Games page has been improved. Also, titles for all pages have been added.

Site Update

New games have been added to the Games section. New games include Breakaway, Sliding Puzzles, and chasing Dr. Evil around the screen.

Site Update

More Photos! Click here for the photo section.

Site Update

New Section concerning info about Austin Powers 3, Click here to go there.

Site Update

New TV Listings in the TV section.

Mo Money! Mo Money!

Well, it wasn't in first place for the 4-day weekend, but Shrek still managed to gross $54.2 million, pushing it over the $100 million mark in it's first 11 days. Shrek became Mike Myers' third film to gross over $100 million (The Spy Who Shagged Me, Wayne's World.)

The Box Office Guru

Site Update
New Mistake added to the Mistakes Section.

Shrek tops Box Office!

For it's opening weekend, Shrek racked in $42.35 million, only second to Toy Story 2 ($57.4 million) on the all time list for an animated movie.

The Box Office Guru

Shrek is a HIT!

If you still haven't seen Shrek, what are you waiting for!?! In addition to the hilarious friendship between Shrek and his 'ass' (Eddie Murphy), the movie also finds a way to make fun of Disney. I still am yet to hear of any gross earnings from the box office but I'm sure it will knock the pants off of The Mummy Returns.

Click here for the Official Site

Shrek In Theaters May 18

The computer-animated movie features Mike Myers as the voice of Shrek, an Ogre whose swamp has been overrun by fairy tale creatures. He finds out that they have been banished from their home by the evil Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow). He makes a deal with Farquaad to save Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) to be Farquaad's bride. On the way, he meets with a Donkey (Eddie Murphy) who will do anything for Shrek. It turns out that rescuing the Princess from a fire-breathing dragon is the least of their problems.

Click here for the Official Site

Mike Myers will make $25 million for AP3

In addition to the sweet $25 million, he'll also recieve 21% of the gross from the movie. Although the deal hasn't been made offical, Myers is expected to sign, along with director Jay Roach. Production info will not be available until everyone has signed.

Click Here for more info

Site Update

IMOM will be aired Saturday night on TNT

Click here for more TV specials

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Sorry about the delay in updates, but AP News has been hard to come by lately. Hopefully, as AP3 is in the making, more AP news will be available.

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