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Site Update

TV section updated. Also, Downloads section will soon be finished.

Austin Powers: Oh Behave! for Game Boy Color

That's right, a new Austin Powers game is out for Game Boy Color. Date of release was August 17, 2000, but I have not yet to see it in stores. Austin Powers: Welcome to My Underground Lair, is also available for Game Boy. The platform is generally the same as Oh, Behave, except it's based soley on Dr. Evil.

Click Here to read more

Site Update
Wavs section is now open. New sounds from The Spy Who Shagged Me are available also.

Site Update

Movies and Trailers pages have been re-opened with all of the new movies that I recently added to the site. Wavs section will also be up soon.

MAJOR Site Update

I'm sure most of you will be happy to know that I just opened a mirror site to host all of the files that are too big for me to host at the address. The mirror site,, will be updated whenever this site is, and all major files (wavs, trailers, and movies) will be on that site. No, I won't make you go to the other site just to download some files, all you have to do is come to this site as usual. Soon, I'll have links up to the new files along with screenshots and descriptions.

Well, it appears as though we won't be seeing Dieter on the big screen in the near future. After their legal disputes, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment and Mike Myers have settled their differences thanks to some great people at Dreamworks. In replacement of Dieter, Universal Pictures will settle for another character-based film that Mike will star in. For more info, click here.

After work the other day, I was rather surprised to see a little plastic package awaiting me as I walked to the front door, with a return address marked "Austin Powers T-Shirt Giveaway". I preceded to open the package, and much to my surprise, an Austin Powers T-Shirt was inside. WOW! A free AP T-Shirt. I imagine that any of you who also entered the contest during the Austin Powers Premiere on TBS. For those who are curious, it is all black, with the word "SHAGADELIC" accross the chest of the t-shirt. Nothing else, but what can you expect from a FREE t-shirt. As they say, some of the best things in life are free.


Just found this awesome site with nearly all of the AP Posters that were ever available for extremely reasonable prices. Not only does it have the movie posters, it also has Austin's version of Andy Warhol's famous Campbell Soup cans.

UP vs. AP

As of June 6, 2000, Universal Pictures had filed a lawsuit against our beloved Mike Myers for walking out on Sprockets. Universal claims that Myers called a meeting with Universal execs and called the whole deal off. However, Myers has already fired back at Universal, filing a lawsuit with them for fraud. Click here for more info.

Check it out, the price on the collector's edition AP2 Soundtrack has been dropped...again. Asking price is now $19.99 @ The Shag Boutique.

Sir Sean Connery

That's right, the first 007 (and in my opinion, the best) was knighted yesterday by Queen Elizabeth II in a ceremony at the Palace of Holyroodhouse (Edinburgh, Scotland). For more news, click here.

Site Update
New Poll, and final results of last poll have been archived. Click here to see the final results.


The New McFarlane Series 2 Toys are gonna be in soon. The AP Shop will be selling the the whole set for 15% off the regular price. All included in the set are: Dr. Evil, Mini-Me, Austin Powers, Vanessa Kensington, a Fembot, and Scott Evil. Check em' out!!
Austin Powers Shop

Although it's been a while, those who have still not seen the MTV Movie Awards 2000 can view all of the winners here. And sadly, AP2 only won 2 awards. Among of which are Best On-Screen Duo (Mini-Me and Dr. Evil), and Best Villian (Dr. Evil).

Hope everyone enjoyed the network premiere of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery on TBS. If you happened to miss it, don't worry because they will play it plenty more before the summer's over. Click here to view for dates and times for new showings.
Don't forget to watch the MTV Movie Awards tonight and root for your favorite movie as The Spy Who Shagged Me is up for a multitude of awards.

Sorry about the mixup, but the world network premiere of International Man of Mystery will be on Sunday, June 4, not June 6.

I'm BACK...

Sorry about the lack of updates lately but it's all because I just back from the Lake of the Ozarks for Senior Trip. Spent the whole weekend boating, jet-skiing, and a total of 12 hours on a school bus (yeah, tell me about, my ass is still sore). Well, this week won't be much different because of finals. Today and tommorrow will consist of finals all day and I'll be graduating on Saturday. After that there probably won't be a whole lot of updates. However, I'll do my best to keep the site up for the whole 10 visitors I get a day. Well, I won't say that this is the last hoorah but future updates will be fairly infrequent.

It's about time!

Well, the wait is finally over. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery will have it's world network premiere on TBS, June 6. So mark your calendars, and have a bowl of popcorn ready for this very special event. Times will be announced as soon as I can find them.

The Shag Boutique has the Limited Edition AP2 Soundtrack on sale for only $23.99$19.99. It was selling in the stores for around $28-30 the last time I checked so you better go pick one up while they are still available.

Site Update

Soundtrack page open and I also completed the Mp3 section by including a search engine for Mp3's called To optimize's full potential, I suggest finding an FTP program such as LeapFTP or CuteFTP.

LeapFTP homepage
CuteFTP homepage

Site Update

Chat room is finally up!! Click here or on "chat room" any where else on Austin's Pad to start chating!!

Also, I got a new counter.

On Thursday, Comedy Central will host the Saturday Night Live episode with Mike Myers hosting and musical guest, Aerosmith. Will start at 5 p.m. ET/6 CT on Comedy Central.

Site Update
Size of movie scripts have been reduced, and improved.

Site Update
Size of files on site have been reduced (mainly by removing redundant style tags), Characters page is finally up, and I finally got my hand on scripts for both movies.

Well, it seems that Madonna is in the tabloids again, this time with the father of her unborn child.

Click here for more info

Here's a little side-note, Time Inc. has announced it's decision that LIFE's last monthly issue of will be May 2000. However, "America's first and most famous picture magazine" will continue to periodically publish special commemorative issues.

Time Inc.'s official announcement

Be sure to watch a special celebrity version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? tonight as Dana Carvey tries to take home a million dollars for his favorite charity. Show will be aired @ 8 pm ET/7 CT.

More Info about Celebrity Millionaire

Site Update
Created a new poll.


The crazy folks at the New Line Cinema Studio Store have slashed nearly all of prices on their Austin Powers T-Shirts. Shirts on sale include anything ranging from a genuine Dr. Evil work shirt or even a hilarious Mini-Me "Deadly" shirt. Most prices have been slashed by at least 50%!

New Line Cinema Studio Store

Site Update
Another new addition to Austin's Pad is the Daily Word. The word will be selected directly from Shagadelically Speaking: The Words and World of Austin Powers. Each day I'll thumb through and find a word that is fairly interesting and generally not used in every day lingo. If your'e interested in buying this totally groovy book, has it on sale for only $9.59!!

ZDTV will host their second annual Cam Film Festival with our very own Jay Roach as one of the lucky judges. We are also lucky enough to decide the winners, so go vote!

Site Update
Like this site? Tell a friend about this site by using the form located at the bottom of the right side menu. Your friend will recieve a short description of this site and decide whether or not they want to visit Austin's Pad (hopefully they will be as wise as you are and come visit this great site!).

A new game called Austin Powers: Mojo Rally is to be released in October of 2000 for Sega Dreamcast. Austin Powers: Mojo Rally is being released by Rockstar Games and will feature characters such as Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Mini-Me, Fat Bastard, and Number Two, each driving their own vehicle such as Austin's Shaguar and Mini-Me's Scooter through 15 wacky tracks. The game will also feature a 70-minute soundtrack, split-screen multi-player action, and settings in groovy places like London and Las Vegas.

Click here for more info.

A groovy Mother's Day gift pack is available @ the New Line Cinema Studio Store. The gift pack includes a female symbol necklace (nickel plated or sterling silver), a large "Oh, Behave!" shirt, and a talking fembot doll. Prices start @ $35.85 (nickel plated) and $84.85 (sterling silver). All items are also available separately.

New Line Cinema Studio Store

As many of you know, there has been a lot of a hype concerning the new Scooby-Doo movie that Warner Bros. is producing. It was speculated that Warner Bros. was going to try and get Mike in as Shaggy. However, these speculations are not true and Mike Myers will not be in any Scooby-Doo related movies in the near future.

Official Scooby-Doo Website

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me has been nominated for a slueth of MTV Movie Awards including Best Movie, Best On-Screen Duo (Dr. Evil and Mini Me), Best Villain (Dr. Evil), Best Comedic Performance, Best Musical Performance ("Just the Two of Us"), Best Fight Sequence (Austin Powers vs Mini Me). MTV Movie Awards will be held on June 8, @ 8 pm Central Time, and hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Click here to vote and get more info

Dana Carvey and other celebrities will be playing for charity in a celebrity version of ABC's Who Wants To Be A Millionare? that will air on May 1-3, 2000. Other celebrities to participate in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? include David Duchovny, Kathie Lee Gifford, Ray Romano, Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Lance Bass (NSYNC), Drew Carey, and Rosie O'Donnell. Shows were taped on April 7 in New York and will air on May 1-3 on ABC.

Click here for more info

Further improvements made to enhance viewing of website by Netscape users. Also, be sure to tune into the USA Network to watch Wayne's World 1 (April 24 @ 2:00 pm) & 2 (April 25 @ 2:00 pm).

USA Network
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