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Moviehole Interview with Evan Farmer

If any movie can make the most unrecognisable of faces a star it's an Austin Powers movie (think Verne Troyer's Mini-Me!), and now young Evan Farmer gets his chance at stardom. Playing the young No.2, a role previously played by Rob Lowe and Robert Wagner, in Austin Powers 3 has proved to be quite a blast for Farmer, as Clint Morris found out.

You're playing one of the funniest new characters in Austin Powers 3, is the break you've been waiting for?

Actually my big break was waking up one morning realizing I couldn't ever wake up again wondering what I would be when I grew up... That was about my sophomore year in college the day before my final architecture project was due. Since then I've done everything I could to make up for 10+ years of following the other sheep; I'm certified in skydiving, paragliding, I built a motorcycle, performed in Russia with their most successful pop group to-date "Na-Na," went to NYC with zero money and did Soaps, off-Broadway, then, just as I was wondering what I could do next, I booked a role on "SHAFT." Even though my role was all but cut from the final release, I was hooked on life as an entertainer. Shortly there after I booked "2GE+HER" which was probably the closest you can get to art imitating life. That's a whole other story though...

But on Austin, How great a set is it to work on?

My scenes were the very first shot in the whole movie. That added a little tension to the whole process but the shooting environment we were in, was established long before the third movie. Everyone was professional, but it was clear that everyone was there with the first priority of laughing. I didn't meet Mike until the second day, and that was very strange since he was wearing "Fat-Bastard's" head without the body. He's almost freakishly shy and polite in person - opposite of what you'd expect. Some of the stuff was so funny that we'd have to re-do shots like ten times cause the crew and everybody else would be laughing so hard. I'm buying stock in Depends Undergarments...

You're playing Young Number 2 in Austin 3, what's it like to step into a role previously played by Robert Wagner and Rob Lowe?

It was actually very easy. Those two had created a role that was so specific that all I had to do was watch their performances and anticipate who they were a few years earlier. That's also a testament to what DVD's have done for actors. I rented the Austin DVD's and walked into those meetings with the knowledge of what Jay Roach was about, the producers were about, even knowing what Rob Lowe and Robert Wagner felt about the role. You know I've never been compared to these guys before, but now that I've played them I totally appreciate the honor. They're both legends. Thanks now I'm nervous about my performance...

I heard there's some great cameos in this one?

They're so protective of the plot information, that I honestly know as little about the particulars as anyone else with a television or computer... I can say that I was psyched to be in the company of a few people I had met before because of "2GE+HER." We had been the opening act for BRITNEY SPEARS' "Oops I Did it Again Tour," and had toured briefly with DESTINEY'S CHILD (Byonce) on some radio shows, and now we're all crossing genre lines to make this film together. It's an honor to be included among the entire cast.

What did you think of the whole ban on using 'Goldmember' for the title?

You can't pay for the kind of publicity that controversy brings... I think everyone is making out on this one. The Bond films got a nod, "Austin" got a boost, I get to answer your question... I personally would re-name the movie "AUSTIN POWERS IN SILVER PICKLE" or something and stir things up a little more. If you remember the trailer for "AUSTIN POWERS 2," they promo-ed the film with a back handed sales pitch for "STAR WARS" - that was cutting edge advertisement. Not only is the movie a spoof, but the business affairs were able to laugh at themselves too. It's been my experience that those who can not only laugh, but laugh at themselves do the best.

You sing too, does Austin 3 have any singing in it for you?

Not in this one... Its funny though cause the people who did the music for "2GE+HER" are also the music supervisors for "AUSTIN POWERS." I actually found this out a week before I took the first "AUSTIN POWERS" meeting when I was mixing a song I had written for different film. In between sessions my "mixer" started telling me this story of recording "BBC" from the first "AUSTIN POWERS" where Mike (among other things) did a few impromptu recordings that wouldn't be allowed in a pg-13 movie... Small world - I'm actually wondering how Kevin Bacon fits in to all of this...

You did some music for TV's 2GE+HER, how was that?

It was great actually. When MTV started casting the movie "2GE+HER" they (later confessed) that they had little hope of finding people who could both play the specific characters they had in the script, and find actors who could sing the material. In the end they found a combination that could do all that and stand up to the scrutiny of the pop critics and fans. At one point "2GE+HER" even outsold `NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me" with "The Hardest Part Of Breaking Up (is Getting Back Your Stuff)" We had top 10 videos on "TRL," rose up the Billboard Charts, and we toured with Britney. It was "SPINAL TAP" with a TV series on top of it all. When I left the Russian group, I honestly didn't think I'd ever be doing music on that level again (Na-Na had sold 60 million albums and played to sold out stadiums). It was a wild ride to say the least.

Next up I see you are doing the sequel to Sleepaway Camp. Who will you be playing in the sequel to "Sleepaway Camp"?

In the sequel I get to play a character who has to be likeable in the way that he's hated. The greatest thing about acting for me is the chance to mess with people's understanding of who you are. I grew up thinking I was weird because I saw myself changing personalities depending on the friends I was with. For some reason it's discouraged and I was occasionally criticized by friends when they thought I wasn't "being me." But we all had several aspects to our personality we use as form of adaptation, and for me that's what acting is about. I just try to adapt to the script, the other actors, the story, etc. Its just fun. I can't wait to be a dick. It's not PC to do that anywhere else in life.

Who's in the film? and when's it start rolling?

Well, the film was scheduled to be shot in September of last year in New York. For many reason's (some obvious) it was post-poned. Other cast members included (the rapper) Nelly; Vinnie Pastore from "THE SOPRANO'S," and there were a few other major music names that were negotiating their tour schedules to make cameos as well. It stands to reason that the casting will either be the same (depending upon availability) or at least remain in the same vein as the original cast. It is currently scheduled to film again this September in New York.

In addition to that one, What's next for you moviewise?

I've got a lot on my plate right now. I'm negotiating a few things musically, and I'm in development of a few television and film projects, some of which involve my production company Ragland Performance. I feel like I've stepped up to the plate in this chapter of my life and I'm laying the foundation for a really good game. I have a great team and a desire to go the distance. Most importantly I've made charity a large part of my life in honor and memory of my friend Michael Cuccione of 2GE+HER, and in honor of my mother who has survived breast and ovarian cancer. I learned the value of being involved in charity early and have always felt that, if there was a value of celebrity - be it large or small, it is in the ability to reach more people for a good cause. I've recently released a solo album on my official website ( which is dedicated to Michael. A portion of the proceeds will go to both THE MICHAEL CUCCIONE FOUNDATION as well as THE SUSAN G. KOMEN FOUNDATION

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